Dickson G

Thanks mama for helping me with your business boosting spell

Hi Dr Mama shahieda, Its me Dickson from Apple Valley California i visited your shrine about my business which was falling day by day until my wife checked on google and got your number then we contacted you. Mama, I don't regret coming to you because what you did for us is a miracle. My business is booming day by day and customers are coming in more than before & remember that my penis was very small and my wife used to complain about it but with your HOT BULL & 5 IN 1 PENIS COMBO, it has grown & its very strong my wife was asking me why we took long to find you. We are so happy we will visit you in December with my wife. Thanks a lot mama

Your Andrew .D. from California

Rebecca Van der Merwe

i got my husband back.

Hello Maama shahieda, My husband was more than a man when we got married , but after giving him a baby girl he started to neglect me and he disappeared with another woman until i used your love spell which brought him back in 24hrs thank you doctor, i will never forget you! yours Mrs. Rebecca Van der merwe from -Wellington

Catherine J

Thank you Maama Shahieda!

Mama shahieda, thanks a lot for helping my family for all these years. Firstly, my Dad had cancer and you healed him. My young brother was mad and we couldn't believe that you can help him even though you told us that you heal madness. We bought you a ticket and you came to us. But with your powers, my brother got healed. Thank you mama. I my self i was full of bad luck i couldn't get a husband or a job. Remember mama how i used to cry for you every time. With your help, am happily married with 2 kids. We can't stop thanking you maama as a family. You've done a lot for us. May God Bless You for the good work you are doing.

Yours, Catherine J Australia

Patrick Pretoria

I won the lottery jackpot Maama

 Dear Maama Shahieda, Please thank you for cast a lottery spell for me late last year. I was struggling to take care of my family till a friend of mine recommended you to me. Mama i just want to let you know that i won the jackpot and my life has changed. My God Bless You Mama

Patrick Pretoria

Johnson W from England

Mama I Hired Short Boys From You

Dear maama shahieda when i bought short boys from you ,i thought that it will never work because many people were fooling me around when i wanted richness. But i thank you for what you did for me ,i bought a mansion for my self and a brand new expensive car which i never think of owning before! Am now planing to open up a super market. But doctor, is it allowed to share this richness with my other brothers & sisters? Because the money is getting more & more...and i don't want to make mistakes with it. Thank you very much.

Yours Jonhson .W From England